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Why Do We Take CBD Sublingually?

The most efficient method of taking CBD is sublingually! This isn’t to be confused with just swallowing the oil.

Find your dosage, then place the oil under your tongue. Hold for at least 30 seconds, but best if held for 60 seconds for maximum absorption. Swallow and if needed drink something after.

Sublingual use is one of the quickest methods for getting cannabinoids into our system.

CBD ingested directly (swallowed without holding it under the tongue, through foods or drinks) has to be processed through the liver. Studies have shown that we lose up to 70% of the active cannabinoids through ingestion.

This is redundant to our liver, our wallet and our time.

Everyone is different, thus each person’s needed dose is different and unique to them! Some people use CBD for only a couple of days and see results, while others it can take weeks.

Patience and consistency are key. We recommend starting low and gradually increasing with time to find the dose you need. Some use it once a day, others twice and some multiple times throughout the day. It’s important to find what works best for you.

Oils allow you more control and less wait time when finding how much and how often you need to use it. This is especially great for beginners.

What’s your preferred method?

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