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We believe that your truth, your fears, your pain, and your doubts do not make you a burden—they make you human. We can’t say it loud enough: You are NOT a burden and never have been one. You are precious and loved by all of us here.

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month 2022, our crew is raising money for #TWLOHA’s Treatment & Recovery Scholarship program. The funds raised will also help expand the resources found within the FIND HELP Tool.

A gift of $25 connects 80 people to local, reduced-cost mental health services in their communities.

A gift of $50 helps someone sit with a counselor for the first time.

**If 400 people gifted just $5, we would reach our goal of $2000– which allows for someone to receive 12 WEEKS of intensive mental health care!**

Together, our voice is helping disrupt the lies that keep people from asking for and getting help in their darkest moments.

If you want to help, you can show your support by making a donation to our team. The process is fast, easy, and secure. Thank you for helping us get that much closer to our goal! We’d also love for you to join our team or share your story online using #NotABurden.

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Click the image below to donate! 🌸

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