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Frosty Hemp Co's Watermelon Razz 400 mg

Frosty Hemp Co's Watermelon Razz 400 mg


400 mg Per Bag. 8 mg THC : 12 mg CBD Per Gummy – 20 Gummies.


Experience this amazing combo of watermelon and raspberry or pomegranate and lemonade with our Watermelon Razz or Pomegranate Lemonade ludicrously tasty Delta 9 THC gummies. Packing 8 mg of rapid-acting THC, the good times you experience are like no other gummies on the market.

Dispensary Grade, Long Lasting, Vegan & Cruelty-Free | No Animal Gelatin, Made from 100% Organic & US Grown Hemp. Farm Bill Compliant : 0.3% ∆9THC

ADULT USE only, 21+

New consumers should start with 1/4th or a 1/2.

*Edibles can have a 2 hour onset, please wait before determing if you should consume more.

Flavor: Watermelon Razz

Due to the delicate nature of these natural, consumable products, returns and exchanges are not available. 

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