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Grand Daddy Purp 1:1 Live Rosin THC+CBD Gummies

Grand Daddy Purp 1:1 Live Rosin THC+CBD Gummies

SKU: 0812010032281

“About the blueberry flavor:

Native to North America, the humble blueberry is beloved for its distinct, juicy sweetness paired with a faint, underlying floral profile. These soft, chewy confections are packed with natural berry flavor and color. A peppery aftertaste from the live rosin is present but faint.

Slip into the indica relaxation of Grand Daddy Purple.*

The orange and, of course, purple hairs dusted in white crystals are characteristic of this Californian indica that made its debut in the early 2000s. To deliver the experience of this beloved strain, Hometown Hero pressed live rosin from Grand Daddy Purple that was bred into hemp and then paired with hemp-derived Delta-9 for synergy.

*Effects may vary.”

Included / Specs:

10x live rosin gummies

CBD 5mg : THC 5 mg concentration

Vegan and gluten-free

•“Indica” is more so a slang when it references overall effect— it’s thought to be relaxing, heavier in the body, and often better for evening use.

•“Live Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. Frozen plants are placed in a rosin press, which uses heat and pressure to extract a hot oil from the plants, which is rosin. The “live” in live rosin means frozen plants were used as the source material; when dried cannabis plant material is used, it is just rosin.”

Hometown Hero supports veterans with every purchase!

Must be 21+ to purchase.

Due to the delicate nature of our products, all sales are final. We cannot accept exchanges or returns of consumable products.

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